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 Mobile Onsite Annual DOT Inspection Service
 We come to you to save time and money.
 DOT Compliance and DOT File setups in your office See page 2

 From one Commercial vehicle to 200 commercial vehicles we inspect them all!

 Serving Miami- Dade, Homestead, Monroe, Broward and West Palm Beach  Counties

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Now serving Central Fl, Orlando, Tampa and surrounding areas.

Call Bill Andersen At 407-952-4060

Commercial Motor Vehicles requiring D.O.T. Annual periodic Inspection under CFR 396.17

Trucks, Tractors and Trailers:
All interstate 
commercial motor vehicles or combination vehicles with a GVWR in excess of 10,001 GVW and all intrastate vehicles or combination vehicles with a GVWR in excess of 26,001 GVW (in Florida)
For combination units the power unit, dolly, trailer and semi-trailer are required to be inspected.

Motor Coaches and Buses:
Motor Coaches & Buses 16 passengers (including the driver) or more interstate or intrastate.
Bus or vans 9 to 15 passengers Interstate includes seaport/airport pickups and drop-offs are required to have a annual DOT Periodic
(Ruling Febuary 12, 2001) 

We provide mobile on-site Inspection service in the South Florida region.
In Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe counties.
For Palm Beach County & Broward County - 2 or more vehicles preferred extra charge for travel.
For other areas contact us at 305-951-3920.
Now serving Mobile onsite service in Central Fl, Tampa and Orlando areas
Call 407-952-4060

On Site Inspection Service:

 On site inspector services saves you money and reduces down time.
Depending on Size we can come in and do your whole fleet at one time.
This saves you down time and personnel costs.
We work Saturdays and Sundays and we work when your vehicles are not on the road.

Emergency inspections:
We have been known to do emergency work for fleets, in case of a DOT Audit or end of large construction job and the fleet has to move.

Inspector Qualifications: 
Former DOT Officers certified under CFR 396.19 having 20 or more years experience as a commercial Vehicle Inspector for the State of Fl. and
inspecting Commercial Motor Vehicles since 2003 for the private sector.
We are also Cargo tank and Motorcoach certified.

Type of Inspection:
All Inspections are done according to Appendix G to Subpart B in CFR 396
We do a full inspection including going under the vehicle and checking Brakes Suspension Etc.. This inspection helps your Safety rating with FMCSA.
CVSA level 1 Inspection

Prehire, Quarterly and 6 month Inspection service:
Doing pre-hire inspections helps your safety rating on the road for contracted drivers.
 Quarterly and six month inspections keeps your fleet constantly moving and also helps your safety rating.

On Call List 
We have a on call list and will call you several weeks in advance when your inspections are due.
Call 7 days a week 305-951-3920

Be carefull make sure the person doing the inspection is certified to do the inspection I have been to 3 audits and they (DOT) is requesting Inspector and brake certification documents



Ever since we started to use Kevin Wuollets inspection program, our safety rating has seen a

tremendous improvement. He is the only person allowed to perform our new hire and DOT

annual truck and trailer inspections. If you want to see excellent results, do it right the first time.

Use Kevin Wuollet.

Lee Constantine

Safety Director 

Four Towers Transportation Inc.

Office location 9357 SW 56 st. Miami, Fl. 33165
Do not come to the office we are a mobile service and are usually out in the field
working. call 305-951-3920 mobile number.

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